Song: Real and True

Artist: Future featuring Miley Cyrus and Mr Hudson

Produced by; Epic Records Free Bandz Records, Mike Will Made It

Its one special kind of work by hip hop star Future Hendrix as well as a powerful combo featuring RnB drama girl Miley Cyrus and Mr Hudson. Many of us have gotten used to the Atlanta based rapper in his fast rap trap shit, trap vibes well rooted in heavy trap beats, but this time round in this jam its something totally different. Away from the rapper’s usual way of dropping verses in a really fast manner,in this jam he does it in a slow kind of motion. The way he drops the lines in a perfect manner flowing with the rhythm and the beats will get you believe that Future is one of the music geniuses that exist. One particular aspect of his singing that is really capturing is the way he tries to blend his popular style of rapping with the conventional RnB flow. He has maintained his vocals and kept his voice really real and true in the jam. Miley’s sweet voice combined by Mr Hudson’s soft vocals brings out the best in the jam. Produced by, Mike will Made it, one of the best producers in the industry the pop jam is definitely a favourite. The unfading type. Its no doubt that this song will still remain relevant in the industry even for a long time to come.

On the subject matter of the song i definitely have no doubt that it is the perfect definition of true love. It is a romantic jam whose lyrical content is based on the experiences of a heart truly in deep love. Its a soul lifting jam especially if your romantic relationship is sailing on troubled waters. Cute pickup lines well drawn in a musical background its real great work there by the trio. The jam has topped the charts for sometime and i am also hopping by the time you are through reading this you it shall be topping your favourite playlist too. I mean its the kind of song that you listen to over and over again without getting bored.

Check out the jam here

Drop your comments too and share on what you think and feel about this song.

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