“Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If want one, you must dive for it”..In my hunt for the definition of “risk” I came across this popular Chinese proverb that caught my eye. It came to me as the perfect motivation for those of us who are meticulous in everything we do in life such that taking any risk whatsoever in life is not part of us in spite of the dynamics all around us in this unpredictable world. Those of us whose lives solely fulcrate about surety. Further descry into that proverb captures our attention to this word “must”. This word is the bottom line of this proverb and it is the one that should worry us more those of us not willing to take a risk or a leap of faith in life. We MUST take a risk in life to have a taste of the best and sweetest things of life. A pessimist’s perception of taking a risk is based entirely on the negativity of the aftermath,a perception that forms a web of fear where you may be trapped in holding you back from advancing in life. But remember that in this short life we are in,failure is very much inevitable.

It remains kinda enigma to some of us when we see others go smoothly in life having struggled from grass to the ultimate heights of success. But the truth is that its not enigmatic,its all about taking risks something which most of us are phobic to. Of course it is not guaranteed that the outcome of taking a risk is only based on a positive scale. We can only hope for the best as it can also turn out the other way. But remember that it is only after the outcome of taking a risk that you learn and grow.

Whether in the financial and business world,social and love life as well as spiritual life,at one time we have to make a step forward. This step forward is characterised by incorporating a risk which can be even more scary than bungee jumping. The sweet part of the outcome whether positive or negative is that it serves a lesson to recall.

  • Take a leap of faith in your business and build on that financial risk. It might be your turning point in that business and trust me it shall never be the same for you.
  • Take that risk, get on to that relationship with him/her and move it to the next level. Put your heart on the line for him/her and grant them that opportunity to love. The outcome of this risk shall be the sweetest memory later on in life.
  • Take that risk and venture into some new business. Satisfy your curiosity and at the same time unfold your potential. You never know what the future holds for you.
  • Taking a risk is the ultimate differentia between that optimist who turns around and tries to join the dots to their future success and the pessimist who keeps on joining the dots back to their past failures.

Be warned that being meticulous in life does not guarantee you a better life than that individual who has to deal with their risks each second of their life. Rather remaining in the comfort zone makes you more ordinary and less extraordinary.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ..Anais Nin

Break off the cage and see what the world holds for you. Remember Sky is never the limit,there is the galaxy and the stars beyond.

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