At times we find ourselves stuck in a “helpless” situation for such a long time,so hopeless are we that we get to the point of concluding it as our final destination.Its “helpless” at that particular moment because finally it dawns on us and the situation becomes “helped”. But before that breakthrough,little do we realize that all along the situation had been waiting for us to act and by our rationality as humans,transform it to a better version of it.

We are impulsive of situations in life only that at times we fail to see this;the actualization of slaveholding oneself,self limitation. From a pessimist’s view it is situational imitation but the truth of the matter is that situations are subject to transformation too.

This kind of self-slavery can be defined by;

  1. Past experiences on a similar situation. But remember, your future is nothing dependent on the past.
  2. Fear of reprehension by peers,relatives and other close acquaints. But remember you are the driver to your own destiny thus by default you define the direction to your own destination.
  3. Lack of self confidence in one’s self decisions. Remember,you have to believe in yourself first so that others can believe in you.
  4. Unreadiness to embrace change. Remember,some change is very necessary and thus healthy. Change is also inevitable at times.
  5. Surrounding oneself with negativity built on by those you associate yourselves with. Remember,immersing oneself in the sea of negativity will always lead to drowning in negative situations.
  6. Paying a deaf ear to that voice coming from inside you. Remember, always listen to your heart.
  7. Creating mountains out of ant moulds. A situation builds on the foundation of a petty issue. Remember,tackling a mountain is no mean feat;at times the peak is not even in view thus frustrating your climbing efforts even further.
  8. “Copying answers from other people’s examinations”.Remember,the questions are never the same.

5 thoughts on “Its a self-slavery thing…

  1.     If we’ve been incompetent in something and failed in a past situation, the memory can stay a long time in the subconscious. When we do something in the present which seems similar to a previous failed strategy, the subconscious may send up a warning feeling of “this is going to fail” but it may not provide any answers. Just a bad feeling. Enslaved by a bad feeling — that’s what it often does.
        Our rationality sometimes leads to false logic. There can be an error in our reasoning. The emotions try to give warnings and information, but often it’s not very specific.
        1. Past experiences may sometimes provide false analogies, or they are remembered selectively or incompletely.
        2. Wanting the approval of others is a natural instinct. But we do have to make our own decisions, although others sometimes have valuable insights, but sometimes they’re totally wrong.
        3. Self confidence is difficult if you’re not good at something. Developing skills and true talents is difficult.
        Change yes, if it is a better direction. When in a bad and fearful situation it is very difficult to know how to change in a way that makes things better. Having a bad feeling about making a change could be because the change will make things even worse. A rational and reasonable analysis is difficult.
        This is a difficult subject and these are my preliminary thoughts. I thought perhaps I could comment a little bit, and perhaps elaborate at another time.

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    1. It really is kind off a difficult subject but the bottomline of it all is that positivity is key, no matter what the situation is now, was before or will be in the future. Facing everything with a conquering mindset. And i agree with you,thankyou alot for your input and support…I really appreciate

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