She doesnt want you around anymore.You are entering the ex_zone now.She wont tell you but she will give signals.My brother,watch out for these signs and act accordingly before you find yourself deported

  1. She starts demanding the whole world from you.I mean the kind that she wants and wants everything whereas she’s very sure you can’t afford it. When things starts getting to that,dude be on the watch might be your end days with her.
  2. I am too busy” becomes her song each time you ask to have sometime with her. Too much of something is poisonous bro,so too much of “I am busy” is no exception. Its gradual elimination from the system so if “I am busy” is her song then “her world is no longer your home “.
  3. She has no regard for you anymore the kind that she does her thing irrespective of your feelings and disses you anyhow. #my life my choice is the trending hashtag everytime you converse with her. My friend she is doing overtime classes on how to throw you out of her life.
  4. She’s on to extracurricular activities that have never been part of your dating syllabus;drinking recklessly and hanging out all night with lame explanation or none at all. Moreover you ain’t the one staying out the night with her so you can be sure that’s your passport to the ex-zone being processed.
  5. She don’t want to be associated with you publicly. It used to be romantic walking together while holding hands now its an abomination to her. The romance is now on her phone where her hands are tied to planning for a perfect escapade for a freaky Friday. The freaky end is loading dude.
  6. Her body becomes a” no-touch” zone for you. Its trespass for you. She will freak off at the slightest touch of her hair. The value of your shares in her is depreciating slowly by slowly and by the time you know it, you are out of the company.

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